Thursday, December 29, 2011


 I was born and raised in Michigan. My parents, sister and her family still live there. Every year, with the exception of very few since I've left home over twenty years ago, I visit at Christmas time. This visit was by far the most difficult ever. I loved seeing my family, but this felt like torture:(  

This was the most difficult test of my will power since I have been diagnosed and I failed on Christmas Eve. Right now I'm on a healing diet which only includes alkaline forming fruits and vegetables, mostly raw or juiced, and sometimes steamed. No alcohol is allowed either.

On Christmas evening, we visited one of our family members home's, exchanged gifts, played a little pool and socialized. Of course, everyone ate dinner, had some drinks and enjoyed some fabulous desserts. I drank water, and due to my lack of will power, I cheated a little, very little, and felt it the next day.

On Christmas, we visited another family member’s home for dinner and desserts that were left over from the night before. Again, I drank water, but this time I didn’t cheat!

With the exception of some raw red peppers on Christmas, nothing served at either home was within my healing diet restrictions. Now, that really didn’t surprise me because I can’t expect them to cater to my needs especially when they are so restrictive. So I expected it and ate prior to attending. Those of you with Crohn's or colitis know that you can't eat meals until you're stuffed, so within a couple hours I was hungry again observing all of these delicious foods.

By far, this was the greatest test of my will since I've been diagnosed with Crohn's. Lots of chocolate desserts which I love, fried cheese, brie with raspberry, macaroni and cheese clusters, nacho layered dip, plus many more delicious foods, not to mention the wine.

I've recently joined this page on Facebook: This disease is nasty folks. It's just sooooo sad to read some of these postings.

Ultimately, I cheated a little on Christmas Eve, and felt a little uncomfortable on Christmas, but by being strict to the healing diet I was fine again within a day. I had the pleasure of being with my family and being healthy on these two days, when others with the disease were far worse!!

I'm blessed to be symptom free when I stick to the healing diet, and have to remember to be grateful for that when faced with such a difficult test of will.

I'm not sure I would chose to put myself in this situation again, and hope by next year my will power has greatly improved and my diet has significantly loosened, because I sincerely don't know if I would choose to do this again. When I’d want to eat something I shouldn’t, I’d go to the Facebook page referenced above and see postings from those in much worse condition and I’d put things in perspective.

An attitude of gratitude: 
  • I was there without symptoms instead of in the hospital.
  • I was healthy visiting family members I love instead of home in bed.
  • I felt pretty good, instead of feeling like the zombie I had been that needed 18 hours sleep a day.

Things can always be worse... 

But I’m also looking forward to the day that things will be better. 

No worries Mom, I love you !!


  1. Tammy...we often take a dish to share when visiting someone's home for dinner or a holiday. Maybe next year, go to each family event with a beautiful tray of foods you are able to have. Not only will it ensure that there is something there that you can eat when your body needs it, but it will be good for everyone there to enjoy!

  2. Thanks Deb. If I am in this situation again, that certainly will be the plan.