Saturday, July 6, 2013

Food Sequencing

I was juicing the other day, and the different items I juiced, stayed in layers in the container. It visually reminded me of how our stomach is supposed to look if we eat properly. 

Consider that different foods require different time frames to exit the stomach and enter the small intestine. 

Generally fruits takes 15-30 minutes to exit the stomach and meat takes about 3-4 hours.

if when you eat, you mix all of your food together, any quick digesting foods must wait until the slowest digesting foods leave the stomach before they too can leave.

Depending upon what you eat, this process can take up to 6 or 8 hours. And while waiting, the faster digested foods like fruits, vegetables and some of the starches undergo some decomposition and fermentation. This produces gas, acid and even alcohol along with indigestion.

My photo represents food sequencing, or layering. I know it's not as tasty to eat all of your fruit first, then your vegetables, then your meat. But if you do so, the food will layer in your stomach, similar to my photo, and exit your stomach on time. This keeps food from fermenting or putrifying in your stomach which can cause many issues.

Generally, eat the food with the most water content first, and food with the least, last. Simple food sequencing may resolve your acid reflux or heart burn, among other discomforts in your GI tract. This is particularly helpful for those with Crohn's or colitis.

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