Thursday, June 14, 2012

Test Results

Great news! I had a call from my doctor’s office with the test results from my Tuesday afternoon appointment. There are two specific items that I needed to see improvement. The sediment rate, which is an indicator of the inflammation in the body. The higher the rate the greater the inflammation, and since Crohn’s is an inflammatory disease, this is the best indicator of the condition of the inflammation in my colon.

Secondly, the hemoglobin count is a count of red blood cells. Whenever Crohn’s is active, the red blood count drops and I become anemic. Red blood cells contain hemoglobin, which is a protein that carries oxygen. The role of red blood cells is for the hemoglobin to absorb oxygen in your lungs and carry it to all the muscles, organs and tissues in your body, and oxygen is essential to the life of your cells.

A “normal” sediment rate for a woman is 20 or lower. At my most ill Crohn’s moment, my sediment rate was 107. This is insanely high. I have never had a sediment rate under 68 while not on medication. Since my diagnosis, the lowest sediment rate I have had is 36, and that was while I was taking medication. I was hoping that this recent test would result in a sed rate of 60 or lower. I was soooo happy to hear the news that my sediment rate is only 42! This is an awesome improvement from 107 in March, and to be there without medication is very very exciting and great news.

My hemoglobin count in March was 10.2. I was hoping to have it improve to 11 or higher, but most of all, I needed it to show improvement. Improvement means I am producing more red blood cells, which basically means it’s just a matter of time for it to become normal. I knew that the hemoglobin had to have improved because my energy level has improved, and that would be an indicator that my body is getting the oxygen it needs. The good news here is that my hemoglobin was 10.9. Soooo close to 11. Yay again!!

I return in six weeks. My goal of course is to get my sediment rate under 20 and my hemoglobin close to 12. I’ll continue to stay on my healing diet and include juice three times a day. Twice I juice apple and carrots which are high in Pectin. Pectin is completely digested in the colon and releases needed fatty acids. Since pectin is fermented only when it reaches the colon, it is said to assist in all colon related illnesses. It is even a colon cancer treatment. Pectin acts as a detoxicant, as a regulator and a protectant of the gastrointestinal tract, as an immune system stimulant and as an anti-ulcer and antinephritic agent (counter acting).  I am certain that the apple/carrot juice is a primary factor in reducing my colon inflammation, and therefore, improving my sediment rate.

I also juice romaine, cucumber, red sweet peppers, carrots and apples once daily. This gives additional pectin, and the iron I need in order to increase my hemoglobin. Other than juicing three times daily, I primarily eat only sweet alkaline forming fruits. On occasion, about once a week, I’ll have greens for lunch or dinner, and once to twice a week, I’ll have steamed squash or sweet potatoes for dinner.

The details of “My Healing Diet” is a blog entry on 11-23-11 if you’d like all the details. Ultimately, I am very happy with my current test results and am resolved to have even better results six weeks from now!!

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