Thursday, February 20, 2014

Quality Drinking Water

I was up in Michigan and my mother had a Zero water filter. I had a Brita. She was educating me on total dissolved solids in water. I begun to do some research and she inspired me to create a blog, which will likely become a website, versus blog, at some point in the future. Please check it out:

We all know that water is healthy for us. I know it for sure. It clearly is part of my holistic approach to keeping my Crohn's disease from flaring. Flushing the toxic matter out of your GI tract is essential to a healthy colon. Well, what if the water you were drinking was toxic, then certainly it wouldn't do a great job at cleansing your digestive tract would it?

So check out my new blog and let me know if you're interested in testing water with me :)

Fiji has the highest TDS of any bottle water I've tested so far, by the way.

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