Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A Crohn's Refrigerator

My boyfriend, Rich, opened my refrigerator and said, "Stacey would be jealous of all your fresh juice. She'd be asking for all of your juice recipes." Stacey is a mutual friend that just started juicing.

As I looked at my refrigerator I began to think of what it looked like two years ago, prior to my Crohn's diagnosis. Wow, I eat so much healthier today.

Two years ago there actually wasn't much food in my refrigerator because I was one of those people who's idea of cooking was "2 minutes on high" in the microwave. My freezer was filled with pre made meals in a box, and my refrigerator had a shelf full of beer, another filled with bottles of white wine, and a lot of condiments.

Today, this refrigerator full of fruits, vegetables, juice and coconut water, is the reason why I can manage my disease without medication. It was a process to get where I am at today, but after working very hard to heal my ulcers, this diet, along with rest, and proper stress management, has kept me in remission.

Certainly if you have active ulcers, a colostomy bag, or are diabetic, this diet isn't for you. But how many people with Crohn's or ulcerative colitis can say they haven't been on medication for twenty-two months and have been able to stay out of the hospital.

Ironically, Crohn's is the reason why I'm healthier today. that I was two years ago, and is likely going to be the reason for me living a healthier life for the rest of my life. I know it sounds crazy that Crohn's has made me healthier, but it forced me to take a good look at my diet, rest, and stress levels. For that, I'm grateful.

I hope and pray everyday that others suffering with IBDs find their way to achieve remission and a healthy lifestyle, and have as much as I to be thankful for.

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