Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Water Fasting for a Couple of Days

So I've been so fatigued the last few days and my gut is acting up. My bowel movements are not normal and I'm concerned that I might be heading toward a flare up. I'm taking a couple days off, or I should rather say that I'm working part time from home for the next two days so I can sleep excessively between some conference calls and work, and I'm going to water fast. 

Two days of a water fast usually makes a huge improvement. Fasting gives the digestive tract time to completely rest and it should strengthen its mucosal lining. A healthy lining means my Crohn's symptoms will go away. It's also necessary for preventing leakage of undigested proteins and toxins into the bloodstream.

Keep in mind that a fast is not a cure for anything, but it's an opportunity for the body to rest so it can do what it does best, which is to heal, cleanse and restore itself. The difference is during a fast, all of the body's resources are working on healing, instead of digesting and waste removal. And specifically for Crohn's and colitis, it eliminates any causes of GI tract inflammation, which also assists in healing.

I usually go from a water fast to a juice fast. You detox and heal more quickly with a water fast than a juice fast, so when I'm fasting because I think I'm about to flare, I'll start with a water fast. But if I'm fasting just as preventive maintenance and for cleansing, I'll stick with water. 

Because with a water fast, your digestive system and organs are able to completely rest, all of your energy is used for cleansing and healing. With a juice fast, your body has to use energy to digest and assimilate the nutrients, leaving less energy for detoxing and healing. 

I've noted before that being on a water fast for more than three days should be done only under a doctor's supervision. Minerals and salt are needed for the body's organs to function and being on water alone means that your body has to provide these things by using what it has in reserves. If you don't have much reserved, then you may be doing damage to your body. 

So this time, I think 2 days will be sufficient and then I'll go to juice until everything is back to normal.

Oh well...I guess this just is part of living a Crohn's life :)