Friday, July 8, 2016

Getting in Remission

Gosh Darn! So I've joined a new company and have struggled finding a way to eat properly and get ample rest while on the road. I'm certain this highly contributed to my current flare up:  poor diet and stress.

The wrong diet and/or stress will do it every time, unfortunately.

So, unfortunately, I have been struggling with a flare up for four months. It has never taken me that long to get into remission and steroids for four months has had its toll on me. I have been extra strict on my diet, yet it is so difficult when I travel.

Yesterday, I water fasted. Today, a juice fasted.

Normally, when I have a flare up, budesonide and mesalamine, along with the right diet, does the trick in 60 days. I don't eat any raw greens because they are hard to digest, or beans for the same ready. Ultimately, I have a raw fruits, but only those that are easy to digest, and steamed vegetables. Butter, cream, spices, or anything else that is an inflammatory to the colon, I refrain from. Well this hasn't worked:( Here I am at almost 4 months and I don't think I'm in remission.

Therefore, the last two days and the next nine, I'll be on a liquid diet.

  • Day 1: Water
  • Day 2: Juice and Kombucha
  • Day 3-5: Water
  • Day 6-11: Juice and Kombucha
  • Day 12-14: Green juice and sweet fruits
  • Day 15-17: Vegan, gluten free diet, with mostly raw foods and steamed vegetables
  • Day 18 and beyond: Vegan, glen free diet
So I have a doctor's appointment on the 22nd. The results of the tests I have at that time will determine my next steps which are dramatic. Below are my limited choices if the results come back that I'm not in remission:
  • Stay on juice for the next 60 days. Arrrhhggg. This would be awful, but maybe not as awful as the alternative.
  • Go on biologics. My gut feeling is I would choose Entivio. The problem with Entivio is that is reduces your immune system so it doesn't attach itself, and therefore opens up the possibility for major infections that could be deadly, such as TB. Another negative is that the body relies upon it and there's a 75% probability that I would have a flare up immediately upon trying to get off of it. Yet, based on my research, it's the most gentle. 
If I go on Entivio, it requires an IV infusion once every two months. How fun...

I've taken the week off of work next week and this is my daily plan in addition to the diet referred to above:
  • intersegmental traction - to ensure I don't have nerve energy interference
  • low level light therapy - to reduce inflammation
  • meditation - to reduce stress
  • detox sauna - to assist will releasing toxins
  • inversion - to decompress the spine (nerve energy assistance again)
  • eight hours sleep - we only have so much nerve energy and rest is how to regenerate it
  • frequency therapy - to kill micro-organisms and secure healthy bacteria
I also plan on having a massage and a few chiropractic adjustments. 

Ultimately, if this doesn't make a material difference, I'm not sure it is in my power, while continuing to work, to do it without considering a biologic. I am very disappointed...