Sunday, August 27, 2017

One Year of Remission

It's been crazy that I have been in remission for a year. Here's been my recipe:

  1. I have eliminated gluten from my diet
  2. Stay away from anything spicy
  3. Only chicken and fish for non vegetarian protein
  4. No Cow products
  5. Get 7-8 hours rest daily
  6. Get rid of the stress
  7. Take Omega 7s, 3s, Protease and quality supplements
  8. Goat colostrum daily
  9. Probiotics and prebiotics
  10. Kombucha (home brewed)
  11. Exercise
  12. Frequency therapy every two to three months
I'll be candid with you, I don't know if all of this is contributing to medication free remission, but I'm not willing to give anything up to find out. 

Do you notice how much of my remission is diet related? Although most GI doctors won't admit that diet has anything to do with getting Crohn's, I'm convinced it does. If diet can control it, how can it not contribute to getting the disease?

I've been drinking a lot of ginger kombucha and even love adding juiced ginger to water and sparkling water, I was in remission well before this ginger kick. Nevertheless, ginger is supposed to be great for your digestive track and inflammation.

Another great thing...goat and sheep cheese I have no difficulty with at all. So I still eat cheese. Wooo Whooo!

Hope you all are hanging in there. Stay cool.