Friday, October 10, 2014

Amazing Results Again!

I'm absolutely floored at my test results from yesterday's blood work. Again, everything was normal. Well into the normal range.

When I was in Florida last week through the weekend, I intentionally was bad. I drank margaritas, had Mexican food, and even drank vodka. Now, this is not my normal behavior, but I really wanted to yes the remote use of the Rife machine, so I was extra bad.

Additionally, I knew that come Monday, I was starting my Isa Body Challenge and wanted to go out with a bang. I really was not expecting the results to be as good as they were. I'm ecstatic! Can this really mean that I might be able to go back to a normal life?

I hope so. But I must admit, that with everything I've learned, I don't intend to go back to the life I had before Crohn's. I ate like crap, and drank too much. I didn't exercise enough and really would have died early living like that. There is a happy medium between how I live today, and back then. I do intend to live healthy regardless.

Today is the last day of my medication. I had weaned down to only three pills over 2 days versus the 14 that I was taking at one point. But today, based upon the results (14 sed rate by the way), I am officially off medication again.

I will go back in about 60 days to make sure that things are still going well, but cross your fingers and say a couple prays that my Spooky2 Rife machine with remote treatment really truly will allow me to like at least a semi-normal life. Thank you Lord.

Now on a sad note, I need your prayers for my mother more than any prayers you may have for me. She has microscopic colitis after being able to manage without it for over two years. She needs your prayers now more than I. I am going to treat her with the Rife machine as well. I hope it works as well for her as it has for me.

On another pretty cool note...I've been on the Isagenix 30-Day fat burning program for five days and have lost 8 lbs. I only have no more than 20 total to lose, so I suspect at this rate, I will lose all I need within the 30 days. Yay.

Monday, October 6, 2014

IsaBody Challenge

I've started the IsaBody Challenge today. I will be updating this blog entry with what I have done for the first week and each Monday I'll have a new entry as to the changes from one week to the next. My goal is to lose about 20 lbs. I actually am a little concerned with losing that much weight, but we will see.

This morning my bio-electrical body composition assessment shows the following results. I'm embarrassed to tell my weight at this time since I've gained a little weight, but the other stats tell the story well:

Body Fat:  31.7%
Visceral Fat Rating: 6
Body Water: 50%
Basal Metabolic Rate: 1351
Metabolic Age: 41
Physique Rating: 5

Body Fat: Although I'm normal, I want to be on the low side of normal.

Visceral Fat Rating: This is the fat that is around your organs. 5 is actually a very good rating. I'm happy where I am currently.

Body Water: Normal is between 45 and 60% for a woman.

Basal Metabolic Rate: This is the amount of calories I need to live. As my weight lowers, this number will lower because it is easier to live with a lighter, leaner body.

Metabolic Age: Basically, although I'm 50, my body metabolizes as if I were 41. This is a good number, but I want to get to 30 :)

Physique Rating: I want to get to a better result. I'll explain this rating in a future post, but ultimately, a 5 is a standard rating. That's not where I want to be, although many would feel it is a good result.

I'm following the Isagenix 30 Day Cleansing and Fat Burning System, but have altered the plan just a little. The plan has you cleanse on Tuesday and Wednesday the first two weeks of the program. I would like to get all 4 days of the cleansing complete prior to me getting my next blood work completed on Monday the 13th, so I'm cleansing the 6th and 7th, a Monday and Tuesday, and then again next Saturday and Sunday, the 11th and 12th.

The third week, I'll cleanse on Tuesday and Wednesday. Therefore, I will have 6 cleanse days instead of 4 on their program. If you're interested in seeing the details of the program you can check it out here:  Isagenix 30 Day Cleansing and Fat Burning Program

I am going to be following this program verbatim for the first 30 days, including the IsaDelights and Ageless Essentials with Product B IsaGenesis supplements, then modifying it to the Whole30 diet plan thereafter during the balance of this 16 week challenge. I intend to include 4-6 cleanse days a month, continue to use their meal replacements as needed throughout the program, and their Ionix Supreme daily. I also plan on using their Product B IsaGenesis throughout the entire 16 weeks.

I am going to use their Natural Accelerator (for appetite control) depending upon how appetite challenged I become, and their IsaDelights to curb my sweet cravings as well.

Additionally, I am beginning to use their Rejuvity skincare products for the 16 weeks to see if there is any improvement to my lines, or tightness to my skin.

Rich is completing the challenge as well, however, he is working on building muscle in the Energy and Performance Category. I'm going to be focusing on Weight loss and toning. We are both going to be focusing on the Healthy Aging category as well since we are both over 50 we think we qualify :)

What will be interesting is to see what happens with my Crohn's symptoms. I will be getting blood work done a week from now, and then again 6 weeks later. From there on out, I will be getting blood work done probably every 60 days to ensure my symptoms don't escalate.

Since adding the Rife treatments, my symptoms and blood work show that I'm in remission, so we will see how my Crohn's responds to these products. I intend to eat only plant based whole food during this challenge, as that is what my Crohn's prefers. Additionally, I will be weaning off the meds I am taking even further. I am now taking only 1 budesonide and 2 mesalamine pills daily. If my blood work next Monday comes back good, I will stop taking meds all together.

Below is my daily diary that will note what I eat and do each day. I'm using My Fitness Pal to keep track of my calories eaten and exercised away. Wish me luck, and if you want to buy any products, please visit my page:

Diary Week One:

October 6: Today and tomorrow I am cleansing. However, since our photo shoot isn't until this evening I am not exercising the way I would normally because I want to start exercise after the photo shoot. I took my bio-electrical measurements this morning, but otherwise am adhering to the cleanse day protocol today. Every day I'm drinking at least 50% of my weight in oz of water.

Early morning: Deep cleanse serving and 1 Natural Accelerator
Midmorning: Ionix Supreme, 2 Isa Delights, 2 Snacks, and AM Ageless Essentials with Product B.
Late morning: 1 Deep cleanse serving.
Early Afternoon: 2 Snacks, 1 Natural Accelerator
Mid Afternoon: Deep cleanse serving.
Early Evening: 2 Isa Delights, 2 Snacks
Evening: 1 Deep cleanse serving, and PM Ageless Essentials with Product B.
Bedtime: 2 IsaFlush

Our photo shoot was at 7:00 p.m. When I returned home, I spent 10 minutes on the vibration plate, about 15 minutes on my stepper, completed about 30 push ups (men's style) and hung on my inversion table for about 7 minutes.

The total calories for today was only 410. I missed an Ionix Supreme serving but otherwise followed the program perfectly. I must say that I didn't really feel hungry. That's a good sign. See you tomorrow :)

October 7: I've pretty much done the same thing today as yesterday. I've had a headache most of today, however, and candidly, I don't get headaches much. I don't really feel hungry so I'm not sure what it's being caused from. I had crazy dreams last night about snakes following me and trying to bite me. Yuck.

I'm hoping it is just the lack of sleep causing the headache. To be safe, I'm planning on reading all of the ingredients of everything I'm taking to see if there is some stimulant causing this. I have been pretty much stimulant free for a few years now. I'll keep you posted.

I spent about 30 minutes working out today. Mostly worked on my legs and flexibility. According to my bioelectrical body composition assessment on Monday, my legs have the greatest percentage of body fat on my body.

Balance of The Week: I followed the 30-Day Isagenix program and lost 9.8lbs :)  I'll update you all when I'm at the 30 day mark.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Crazy Spooky Technology

So...this is going to blow your mind. The concept is really out there...

If you haven't read my prior blogs about my Rife Machine (Spooky2) please go back and do so before reading the rest of this blog entry.

In March 2011, experienced Rife user and experimenter Johan Stegmann discovered something that changed the course of his life. If you don't know about the Rife machine I'm using, please look at my prior blog about it. Moving on...

A friend of Johann's had just bought a new Rife machine. Johann's friend made the astounding claim that the DNA contained in fingernails or hair could transmit energy frequencies directly to the owner of that DNA simply by placing the finger nail between the electrodes used with the machine. 

Johann was skeptical, so he and his friend tried it on Johann's daughter.  It worked perfectly. Johann looked for an explanation and found that this phenomenon was actually sound science as described by Albert Einstein him self. He called it "spooky action at a distance." 

Modern physics calls it "quantum entanglement." 

Simply put, it means that if any part of a single system is removed from that system to a different location, any action performed on the part will also be instantaneously performed on the parent system, and vice versa.

Your fingernail is part of a single system, which is You. So when frequency energy is transmitted to your nail, its effects will also be transmitted to you, and only you. This is because of the unique identifier present in every cell of your body.... you DNA.

So ultimately, this works because your DNA has two strands coiled around one another, and it acts as an antenna that's capable of transmitting and receiving information encoded on energy signals via nonlocal space. My Spooky machine sends audio frequency energy to the nail which is received by the DNA it contains, then relayed instantaneously via nonlocal space to the parent DNA - which is me in this case. 

I now have a Spooky2 Remote and am at my boyfriends getting Rife treatments from the machine that is located in my home because I am using the Spooky2 Remote.

I decided I would invest in the "remote" feature so that I can give myself Rife treatments without having to hold electrodes. I had no idea when I order this device that I could use anywhere. I have the Spooky2 and Remote running on my laptop at home, and I am about 8 miles away, and it is giving me therapy as I speak. 

You probably are saying, no way! I realize this sounds crazy, but I do believe it is true. 

This lithe transmitter is so powerful! I am hopeful that this information is accurate or even close to accurate. I can be treating myself all of the time. I can even treat my mom and dad, or my son or brother if they need anything. 

I need to find someone to test this on other than myself. Haha. 

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Great News Confirmed

I had my sedimentation rate re-checked and a week after my sed rate was at 17, it's now even lower at 9. Ultimately, I really do consider this a miracle. Normal is 0-20 and with a 9, I am clearly well into the normal range.

I have never had a normal reading, and for it to go from 65 to 9 in 2 weeks is unheard of. The voicemail from the nurse at Dr. Sigmon's office left the following message for me:

"Hi Ms. Lynch, this is Amanda calling from the medical center at Pineville. I was just calling to give you information about your sed rate. It was actually 9 as of yesterday. Not really sure what you're doing to make this go down and correct itself, but that's pretty normal there.

"I know that's pretty dramatic. So, I don't have an answer for you as to why that is. Tanya, I asked her about that as well and she agreed you must be doing something differently to have that kind of affect. So any way, that's good news. That means that was an actual result you got on your Primary Care Physician visit. So if you have any problems or any questions, just give us a call back..."


Monday, September 8, 2014

Unbelievable Good News

As you may recall, on July 15 I had a colonoscopy and the conversation between my gastroenterologist and my boyfriend discusses how inflamed my colon was, " is really really inflamed in there.

I went back on meds and began my healing diet immediately. I had follow up blood work done on August 24 the sedimentation rate was 65. This is actually 1 point higher than the sed rate when I went in to see him in June because I was feeling symptoms and knew I needed meds again.

This was very disappointing, but miraculously, I had more blood work done when I went in for my annual on the 29th of August. I realize it was only 5 days later, but asked if they could check my sed rate since they were taking blood for all of the other normal indicators they look at during your physical.

My sedimentation rate on the 29th was 17. What??? 

How can go from 65 to 17 in 5 days? The only things I have been doing differently is using my Spooky2 Rife machine and drinking a glass of red wine a few days a week. Is it possible for this type of improvement to occur in less than a week? Maybe the prior test was wrong, or maybe this test is wrong. 

In any regard, I have emailed Dr. Sigmon to ask his opinion. I find it hard to believe that either test is wrong because of how labs make sure to ask your name and date of birth, then they put labels with your information on the test tubes that contain the blood. 

A sedimentation rate of 17 is normal. I am hopeful that this is an accurate test. If so, this means I'm in remission. How cool would that be? I'm sooooo happy to see this result, yet, a little concerned because it happened so quickly, and I've always been told that there is a lag time for your sed rate to respond after inflammation is gone.

So I think that based upon the way I feel, my inflammation was back to normal on the 24th, and it lagged in the sed rate results. I began using the Spooky2 the 2nd week of August, and by the 29th, I have normal internal inflammation.

I also added a glass of red wine in the evenings about 5 days a week because the resveratrol in the skin of red grapes is known to reduce colon polyps, and resveratrol in red wine is in concentrated levels. I added that to my routine on August 25th. I find it hard to believe that the wine could have made an impact that quickly.

The only two other times I've had flare ups, I went on the same meds that I'm on now and it took months to get my sed rate down, and even then, I have never gotten it lower than 36 since I've been diagnosed with Crohn's almost 3 years ago. And now it changes in days???

This is quite amazing and gives me much hope that I might have found a tool that will help me manage my Crohn's without meds. I'm anxious to hear from Dr. Sigmon and for another test to make sure that this was correct.

Soooo excited!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

I Need Your Help. Is this just a Coincidence?

I need your help with this one. As you might be aware, I acquired a Rife Machine (Spooky2 version) and have been using it to treat my Crohn's as well as my cold sores. I'll briefly explain how it works. It is often referred to as Frequency Therapy.

Everything is made up of energy, and no two types of molecules have the same electromagnetic oscillations, or energy signatures. By creating a frequency that resonates intensely (resonant frequency) with the molecules of a virus, bacteria or parasite, it would increase the molecule's oscillations until it distorted and disintegrated from structural stresses.

Dr. Royal Rife called this frequency "the mortal oscillatory rate" or "MOR", and it did no harm whatsoever to the surrounding tissues, since their energy signature was unique and different. This principle is illustrated when an opera singer can sing a high pitched noted and shatter a wine glass.

So with that said, it is very ironic that less than 2 months of using my Spooky2, a new franchise opportunity has become available to Chiropractors using resonant frequency technology. I'm 50 years old and have never heard of this until recently and it has been around since I was a child. Now, not only am I using resonant frequency technology to treat my Crohn's, but Rich is presented with a franchise opportunity to implement into his business using resonant frequency technology to help people lose weight.

How this weight loss program works is they use the resonant frequency technology to analyse the 400 million communications that occur per second in the body to assess the current internal health fingerprint, and with that knowledge can then assess what needs to change in order to bring the body into an optimal state of fat burning and health.

Now, if that is not coincidental enough, I have something kind of spooky to share with you that occurred this past Friday night. I use the word "spooky" because on Labor day, Rich and I were at some friends explaining what occurred Friday night, and the word chosen by our friend's mother to describe this event was "spooky."

So Friday night Rich and I were in Greenville, South Carolina visiting his brother and girlfriend. We were having a glass of wine discussing this new franchise opportunity with them. As I explained the Rife resonant frequency technology, and how it related to the new franchise opportunity, I used the example of how a high pitch note can shatter glass. No less than 2 minutes later, the wine glass I was holding shattered in my hand.

I am not joking with you. I wasn't holding the glass tight, nor was there a high pitched note or anything that occurred that we can use to explain why this glass shattered. It seemed that there must have been a weakness in the glass given to me and I held it just the right way for it to shatter. The glass I was given, and they way I was holding the glass, had to be exactly in alignment to shatter, as this was not the first time this glass had been used.

Now isn't that a little spooky?

In summary, we've had three strange coincidences associated with this technology:

  1. The new franchise uses the same technology that my Spooky2 uses, and I just have learned about this technology less than 3 months ago.
  2. The glass shattered in my glass hand minutes after I used the glass shattering example to explain the resonant frequency technology.
  3. Our friend's mother used the word "spooky" to describe the experience when she had no idea that my Rife machine model is the Spooky2.
Now, Rich and I have been discussing opening up a company called Whole Body Health and Wellness.  The company's mission is to assist people in living a long, healthy, active life, and we would take a three fold approach to wellness: optimize nervous system function, mobility and movement, and body composition.

Nervous System Function:  We have decided upon using a specific posture analysis tool and a sublimation station to assess nervous system function. Through a posture certification course we will learned how to provide an exercise and stretching to improve any nervous system interference in order to maximize nerve energy to the body.

Mobility and Movement: We are going to become certified as Functional Movement System consultants in October to assess any limiting factors associated with movement and mobility and to develop programs to improve these limiting factors.

Body Composition: We have been undecided as to what program(s) we are going to support to address over weight and body mass issues. We are attending a seminar in October for the new franchise opportunity using resonant frequency technology and have been contemplating purchasing the franchise rights to use this system for our body composition solution. 

My gut feeling is that all of these coincidences is God's way of telling us we need to pursue this. We';re going to be smart about it, of course, but wouldn't you agree that these are too many coincidences?

Monday, September 1, 2014

Recent Doctor's Visit

First I want to apologize. I changed Internet service providers and my blog has been offline for a week now. Fortunately, everything is back and working. My email was down for a week as well. But as of Saturday, everything was back online.

Now regarding my doctor's visit on Tuesday, there were some mixed results. Here's the good news: I am no longer anemic. My hemoglobin was up to 11.5. This is an amazing improvement from 8.5 less than 2 months ago. Yay!

Now for the bad news: my sedimentation rate was still at 65. A normal sedimentation rate is 0-20 for a female. So the only hope is that when I had my sed rate taken 2 months ago when I was severely anemic, that the 65 rate was primarily due to my colon inflammation, and now, that the 65 rate is only about 45 from my colon and 20 from normal life. But to be certain there is improvement I am getting blood work repeated in 6 weeks.

I feel great, so I hope that there has been improvement in my colon, but as Dr. Sigmon says, clinical evidence of disease, and endoscopic evidence, doesn't correlate. Ultimately, I am planning on sticking to my whole food plant based diet of easily digested foods, using my rife machine to rid myself of bad colon bacteria and micro-organisms, and continuing to use my inversion table and get regular chiropractic adjustments to optimize my nerve energy. Hopefully this three fold approach will get improved results when I return back for tests in October.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Spooky2 Rife Frequency for Crohn's


This won't make much sense at all unless you have Crohn's and own a Spooky2 machine for the Rife frequency therapy. Here's what I'm doing. I have a booster that I use only when I'm not using the Spike+Sync or Inverse+Sync Waveform on the 2nd output with a spike setting of 1 with 20 spikes. I will rotate between one of these settings or the use of the booster cable.

When using the booster cable, I use the Square Damped Waveform on both channels, with a randomized 4 Hz Gate. The 4Hz Gate will only be applied to the first output. 

When using the Spike+Sync or Inverse+Sync Waveform settings, you have to use the 2nd cable attached to output 2 instead of the booster cable, and only attach the red alligator clips of each cable to the elecrodes.

I've set up two custom frequency sets with a 180 dwell:

Set 1:  75, 254, 388.6, 484, 543.6, 610, 644, 660, 688, 690, 709.2, 727.5, 777, 777.2, 790, 864, 986, 1087.2, 1554.5, 2174.3, 2688, 2838.5, 2900, 3109, 4348.6, 6217.9

Set 2:  14, 20, 60, 95, 100, 110, 333, 428, 440, 600, 625, 650, 680, 768, 776, 786, 787, 802, 810, 832, 880, 1550, 2000, 3000, 10000

The sets take 75-78 minutes to complete. If you don't have that much time, then change the Dwell Multiplier to .5 to cut the time in half, .33 to cut it to a third, etc.

Ideally you complete each set for the entire 75 minutes twice a week at least 3 days apart for 3 weeks.  From everything I am reading, this is the recommendation for all frequency treatments for Crohn's and any other common diseases. Cancer seems to require some different things. 

For general health, use the following set: 120, 660, 690, 712, 728, 740, 776, 800, 803, 880, 1840, 1998. 

If you're doing this in addition to your Crohn's frequency sets, then you can delete 660, 690, 728, 776, and 880. This set should include all of the above settings, which means the set will take  36 minutes. If you create a set that eliminates the Crohn's frequency duplicates, the therapy session will only take 21 minutes. 

I'm on my second week of this therapy. I have tested 757, 688 and 690, using the Pulse accessory and have found that the Spooky2 killed these three microorganisms. I haven't tested all of the frequencies as testing with the Pulse requires a very still, quite area, and it takes quite some time. Treatment doesn't require these conditions, so I have found it easier to go through the therapy than to test for what microorganisms I have that's affecting my Crohn's. 

I do plan on testing all frequencies after the three weeks of therapy to ensure I am free of these harmful bacteria, parasites and viruses.

There are other microorganisms that can affect the colon negatively, so I will plan to treat for them following this three week of therapy.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Rife Machine for Crohn's

You may recall learning from your high school science teacher how all matter is not solid. Matter is comprised of atoms, which consist of particles, protons and electrons that aren't solid either. The vibration frequency of these particles is what seems to be the only thing holding matter together.

Albert Einstein said: "We, the people of this beautiful planet, are really beings made of energy, but we exist at the 3rd dimension because our atoms have a specific frequency which makes us able to exist in they very 3rd dimension."

Therefore, doesn't it make sense if you interrupt the vibration frequency that is holding a thing together, it could lead to its demise?  Well that certainly makes sense to me.  Just like how  an opera singer can shatter a glass when singing a particular very high pitch note.

The sound wave of this high pitch note is referred to has the Mortal Oscillatory Rate, or the MOR of the glass. Ultimately, everything that exists has a resonant frequency, and a MOR of it's own. For instance, the carcinoma cancer call has a MOR of 2128 Hz. When a cell is resonated at it's MOR, it is destroyed. Parasites, viruses, bacteria and other organisms all have their own MOR.

A couple of weeks ago, Rich and I played a tennis match and one of the partners we played, Mary, told me about a Rife machine she has that she uses to treat her son's Lyme disease. Simply put, it is a machine that can transmit MORs to harmful organisms in the body, and therefore, kill these harmful organisms.

Dr. Royal Raymond Rife, back in the late 20's created a microscope that could magnify 60,000 times so that he could for the first time observe living viruses and from about 1928 until the mid 1960's, he developed a system of electro-medical treatment and therapy to provide frequency therapy, primarily with cancer patients, and had spectacular success.

I purchased today's more affordable version of the Rife Machine, the Spooky2, recently and have begun using it for my Crohn's disease. I have researched the use of this machine and other Rife machines and their use on Crohn's patients and have heard some claims of success. I've only had it for a few days now but experimented with it over the weekend. There are many things that can worsen Crohn's and therapy for all of them would take me about 6 hours a day, so I have decided not to treat for all of them.

I've found a holistic doctor that uses this machine for Crohn's and his recipe is online. I wrote them down, but went back to find the link to post here and cannot find it. Hopefully when I get back on the computer that is connected to my Spooky2 I can find the site in my history. Any ways... the frequencies he suggests are all included within the frequencies noted for Crohn's so I'm starting with his suggestions because it will only take me about an hour and a half a day, four times a week to implement his suggestions.

You can complete the frequency therapy while watching television, but your hands are holding electrodes, so you cannot really do much while being treated.

I completed a little test this weekend that was very cool. One of the frequencies, 690, kills a bacteria that can contribute to many illnesses, and due to a cool little accessory to the Spooky2 called the Pulse, I can check to see if I have a particular bacteria, virus, or microbe within me. I confirmed that I had the 690 bacteria.

So I treated myself two consecutive days for this bacteria, and at the end of this treatment I retested myself, and sure enough, the bacteria was killed and no longer present. Very very cool.

Testing to see what harmful agents you have is very time consuming, however, and to narrow down the exact frequency to 2-4 decimal places takes even longer. So while I am checking for all of the harmful agents that once eliminated, can improve my Crohn's, I am also treating for the most common ones. I'm very excited to progress with this machine as part of my Crohn's management.

Additionally, I have found twelve frequencies that can be used in about 80% of illnesses, or so it seems. I'm just estimating that it's 80% because I seem to find them all of the time. It probably isn't that high, but regardless, it's a lot. I'm focusing on those frequencies as well. This way I can improve my overall health and  immune system so that my body can better handle my Crohn's.

Wish me luck. I'll keep you updated.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Fear is the Greatest Motivator

When I had my colonoscopy on July 15, Rich spoke with Dr. Sigmon following the procedure. This is how the conversation went: 

Dr. Sigmon: It is really really really inflamed in there.

Rich: It is?

Dr. Sigmon: Oh yeah. This is one of those things where it's almost hard not to take this personally. As the physician when we see inflammation like this, it's hard for me to explain it. But we want it to look better and to be good.

Rich: Right.

Dr. Sigmon: She had so many hopes I think before we did this that we were going to find nothing, or minimal inflammation. And I'm telling you, it was nasty looking, especially over in the sigmoid over here on the left side. It was so inflamed over there that I used a pediatric colonoscope and I wasn't sure I would get through that area it was so swollen and narrow. I just sort of held the scope there and waited for sort of the motility of the colon to sort of carry me through that area. And it was quite an anxious feeling because you don't want to cause a problem there but it was really really inflamed in there.

Ulcerated, ademidous, and mainly over in here there were some ulcers scattered about. The rectum looked normal. The ileim which is the terminal ileum of the small intestine looked normal. I did biopsies but it looked normal. But this is the type...I haven't send any meds yet but I think she needs to at least until we can get the biopsies back and can talk about options get back on her Asacol and she probably needs to be on a couple antibiotics because I'm worried about that inflammation in there.   And that antibiotic one of them would be Flagl or Metrodnidazole and the other Zifaxin.

Rich: What's the purpose of the antibiotic?

Dr. Sigmon: Because there's so much inflammation in there and the biopsies and stuff that you just don't want the bacteria to get invaded into the wall of the colon. With that amount of inflammation she's a bit at risk for perforation. So I don't want that to happen obviously.

I think that what she's going to need medicine wise is the full course press and I mean is one of the biologic agents because it is so inflamed in there. We can't, ummm, we can only be so dogmatic about  these things to patients. We can't dictate the therapy, we can make big time recommendations, but I'm just afraid if we don't check this or get this under control, it's going to be a bad thing. Inflammation can result in scarring because Crohn's is a full thickness disease, and if you get scars there. You can't fix scars except by surgery and if you get a stenotic area there.

Rich: What do you do about that?

Dr. Sigmon: About the stenosis?

Rich: Yeah, the stenosis?

Dr. Sigmon:  You have to have surgery.

Rich: To remove that part?

Dr. Sigmon: Ummm humm.

Rich: There's no reducing it once it becomes too thickened?

Dr. Sigmon:  No, but. Well no we could. It's inflamed right now, but I'm worried that over time if we don't do something about we're going to end up with a scar.

Rich: Inflammation would just be like temporary thickening as with scarring would be more permanent thickening.

Dr. Sigmon:  Correct, correct.

Rich:  Okay.

Dr. Sigmon:  I've got one lady I have to do some procedures on next, but I think I'd like to talk to her for a little bit before she scoots out of here just to sort of give her my take on this.

Rich: So the two big questions is, one of them is, is she in remission, well obviously the answer is no.

Dr Sigmon: No

Rich: The other is, she's been trying to deal with this through the natural, you know...

Dr. Sigmon: And I respect that.

Rich:  ...watching everything and quite frankly it has been keeping her symptoms pretty well, but then the worry is that even though your symptom free, you don't really know what's going on.

Dr. Signmon: Right, we talk about clinical remission, or clinical evidence of disease and endoscopic evidence of disease. And we know that endoscopic evidence of disease and clinical evidence of disease do not correlate one to one. Okay? So she might feel better, but her colon looks like, yuck.

Rich: Okay.

Dr. Sigmon:  It's not a scientific word, but...

Rich:  I understand. It gets the point across.

Dr. Sigmon:  It makes me sick on my stomach I mean when I was in there I was like, oh my gosh! You know because I get all buoyed up too thinking, oh yeah, maybe this is going to look good, but realistically, I know man, I don't know how in the world it's going to look good because she hasn't been on any medicine to speak of off and on for a while and her sed rate was out the wazoo this last time, I mean it was way up there, index of inflammation. So I know something's going on, and I dodn't think she'd been on medicine long enough, or potent enough medicine long enough to get that inflammation under control. But man, we'll take it. If it's in remission, we'll all go celebrate together, but, that's why I mean I take it personally because when I see that and you're like...

Rich: So the sed rate is that a big indicator.

Dr. Sigmon:  It's an indicator of inflammation. 

Rich:  Right

Dr. Sigmon:  You can't just follow that solely.

Rich:  Right

Dr. Sigmon:  But, in this case it was spot on.


Dr. Sigmon:  I know. Belive me I hate this. It's the one thing I hate bout this job.

Rich:  Yeah, I understand.

Dr. Sigmon: We can't all come back and say it's great. We have to come tell the news. But we want to make it better

Rich:  Right, right.  So I now there are different levels of the medication. 

Dr. Sigmon:  Yeah.

Rich:  You kind of start off at one and my understanding is that over time a period of time it loses its effectiveness

Dr. Sigmon:  It's a pyramid. And it's called step up versus top down therapy. She needs to go from the top down. I mean it's that inflamed. 

Rich:  Okay.

Long pause...

Dr. Sigmon: That's my recommendation, so you know.

Rich:  Okay.

Every time I get tempted to do something that will not be good for my colon, I will remember or play parts of this recording. By typing it out here for you to read, I hope it will help give me the will power to do what I need to do. 

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Biopsy Results

During my colonoscopy there were several biopsies taken and the results are in. Thank you Lord!

Fortunately, my colon has no dysplasia, pre-cancerous or cancerous cells inspire of the bad inflammation and ulcers. I had not mentioned to anyone about the biopsies because I didn't want anyone to worry. I worried enough for all of us.

So, I guess the colonoscopy was a good thing as it showed me that I need to make changes and it did so before it was too late.

I am blessed in many ways...

Friday, July 18, 2014

Colonoscopy Results

Unfortunately, the results were not good, and imagine what it would have been like if I didn't complete my water/juice fast the 8 days prior.

My colon is very inflamed and there are several ulcers. There was a part of the colon that was so inflamed that Dr. Sigmon wasn't sure the endoscopy scope would fit through. After the colonoscopy, Dr. Sigmon came to speak with me and was recommending that I get biologic treatment. This is the level of medication I have spent the last three years trying to avoid. 

Because they suppress the immune system, all biologics carry an increased risk of infections, which in rare cases can be serious. Biologics are a type of drug called a TNF inhibitor. In rare cases, some people taking TNF inhibitors have developed certain cancers such as lymphoma.

Most infections that occur with biologic use are far less serious, such as colds, upper respiratory tract infections, and urinary tract infections are common. Other common side effects are as follows:

  • headaches
  • flu-like symptoms
  • nausea
  • rashes
  • pain at the site of injection
  • infusion reactions
Ultimately, I'm so disappointed. I actually began feeling good, which likely means that many times in the past three years since my diagnosis, when I was feeling good, my colon was not healthy. So all of the times I might have cheated and began to loosen my strict diet, all of the times I felt I must have healed my ulcers and all of the times I knew that I was in remission, I probably was not.

So what does this mean? It likely means that my colon has been inflamed for three years. It probably means that if I continue doing what I've done for the last three years for the rest of my life, I will likely develop such a diseased colon that it would result in a colostomy or colon cancer.  Neither of course is the result I have been striving for.

What are my choices: get on meds the rest of my life, which will include biologics, because steroid treatment cannot be the long term solution, or find another holistic way.

Another holistic way will probably mean that I have to stick to the diet suggested by my holistic gastroenterologist. This basically means cutting out anything that really tastes good and eliminating all alcohol. No pasta, no cheese, no sweets, no chocolate. Only fruits and vegetables, along with only a couple grains, and nuts only when in remission. No sodas, or anything to drink other than juice and water.

Ultimately, this really changes ones life. Imagine asking an alcoholic to meet you for a drink at a bar. Well that will be how it will feel to go out to dinner with friends. There is seldom anything on the menu that will comply with Dr. Azar's recommended diet. The easiest way for an alcoholic to stay sober is to not frequent places that will present temptation. In the first few years of their sobriety, an alcoholic clearly avoids going to bars for any reason.

Maybe by year five, they have the will power to meet a bunch of friends at a bar, but realistically, by then, they don't have a bunch of friends that go to bars.

So, as I think about things, the best way for me to stick to what I must do to stay healthy, is to avoid going to places where food and drinks that I want are the main center of attraction. Think about most of your socializing events. Most often it is centered around food and alcohol. Candidly, I simply don't have the will power to attend these events without participating. So I'll avoid them.

What does that mean to my friendships? What does that mean for my relationships? What does this mean to my hopes of traveling to some countries and places I've never seen?

As you can probably tell, I'm very upset and disappointed. I realize I have to do what I have to do, but doing it will mean many changes, and these changes will definitely effect my relationships.

Imagine not wanting to go to your boyfriend's place because of the food he has there may tempt you? Friends invite you over for dinner and drinks and you have to bring a bowl of cantaloupe to eat and pass on the dinner.  Isn't that fun?? No, it isn't. So I might as well not go.

What about my thought of returning to Paris next summer? Well how am I going to do that if there isn't any restaurants where I can eat? Good luck traveling anywhere for that matter unless I bring my Vitamix and juicer and go to the local grocery store for all my meals.

This is what I see happening in the near future, and it saddens me to think what will become of some of some of my relationships, and some of my hopes and dreams...

I guess I have to start working on new dreams.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Days Preparing for my Colonoscopy

I made an appointment with an Ear, Nose and Throat doctor on Monday. Dr. Suri after reading my history and looking at the medication I was on, immediately knew what was causing the problem. Evidently, one of the medications I was taking for Crohn's, budesonide, creates a lot of acid. And the acid can escalade up the GI tract to the throat. This acid burned my throat and the burning of the throat caused the inflammation.

What I did the days after being diagnosed with laryngitis and pharyngitis, only made the situation worse. I really stopped eating and drinking much because it hurt to swallow. So my healing diet, or my juice diet, is filled with alkaline forming foods, and if I were to have continued with this, I\ would likely have helped to neutralize the acid.


So, from now on, when I take budesonide, I have to take another medication to help offset the acid side effect. Gosh darn. Another med, when all I want is to get off of them.

In any regard, at least I found the cause of the problem and then therefore could do something to manage it. I was put on a heavy duty antacid and soon my voice became normal. Dr. Suri warned me that the acid burn in the throat would take weeks to heal, however, so it was important to keep additional acid from getting to my throat, which meant that I have to stick to alkaline forming foods or stay on the antacid for about 6 weeks.

Now all of this happened very close to the time in which I would be preparing for a colonoscopy, which I had today. But before I get to the results of the colonoscopy, I do want to share with you what I decided to do to prepare for it.

I took a few days off work and spent it on what I call a healthy retreat. I get out of Charlotte, and away from all my responsibilities. My objective there is to relax and to fast. This gives my GI tract a rest and allows my nerve energy to focus on healing versus my work and home responsibilities.

I have done this once before, and it did wonders for my gut. It is not just to get away from responsibilities, but it also to be in a place, with no food or temptations. The first three days, I water fast, then the next several days, I juice fast. The last time I did this was over 2 years ago and it is the time in which I transitioned off all medication.

That was my plan for this health retreat as well. Last Wednesday, the 9th, I left Charlotte and went to Myrtle Beach. I started my water fast Tuesday morning at 9:00 a.m. after having a morning juice. The balance of Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, I would only drink water. Friday through today, I would have no solid foods. This gives my colon a well needed rest, but it also means that my colon will not likely get worse because I am giving it nothing to react to.

Therefore, beginning Tuesday, I also stopped taking all medication. Below is how I managed my fast:

Tues-Thurs:  Only water with zero dissolved solids. Meaning pure water.

Friday: Only melon juice. After having nothing in my GI tract, I wanted to introduce only the easiest to digest juice.

Saturday: Alkaline forming fruit juice only, not including any citrus or acid fruits. I clearly don't want acid affecting my throat so alkaline forming fruits were a must. Additionally, any citrus or acid fruits such as oranges and pineapple, aggravate the GI tract even if they are alkaline forming. So those fruits are not allowed.

Sunday:  I added vegetable juice. Again I stayed with alkaline forming vegetables. Vegetable juice is a little tougher to digest, so this was added only after my GI tract was introduced to the easy to digest fruit juice. Any veggies with oxalic acid is to be avoided because it irritates the GI tract.

Monday and Tuesday: Only clear liquid fruit juice because I was preparing for the Tuesday afternoon colonoscopy. I had to buy juice, versus juicing this myself because the cloudy color associated with freshly juiced fruit, versus juice from concentrate. So I got some apple and white grape juice in addition to some vegetable broth.

Other than what I drank on Monday and Tuesday morning, I cold press juiced organic fruits and vegetables only.

So, after all of this, you'd think that I did everything possible to prepare for the best colonoscopy ever, wouldn't you? Well, it's about my bed time, so I will post the results of the colonoscopy tomorrow, or Thursday at the latest. And finally, I will then be caught up on my progress.

Stay tuned again...

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Emergency Room Visit

It has been a long time since I've posted anything, but mostly because I have been feeling sick for a long time now. Crohn's symptoms started in April. I debated on naming this blog entry, "Sick and Tired of Feeling Sick and Tired,"

So in April, after experiencing some Crohn's symptoms I went to my strict healing diet. Things didn't seem to get better and my fatigue grew worse. I tried a juice diet and my fatigue seemed to get even worse. Therefore, I found myself visiting my gastoenterologist to get back on meds. My first visit was May 9.

They put me back on the same meds that worked the last time I had a flare up over two years ago: budesonide and mesalamine. Budesonide is a steroid and mesalamine is an anti-inflammatory. Both act primarily in the gut. As in the past, they began to work in just a couple of days.

I did something I probably shouldn't have done, but used the time on the meds as a time to eat some of my favorite foods: lasagna, nachos with lots of cheese including queso, shrimp and ice-cream. But after eating these foods, I returned to my healing diet so that I can get back off of the meds as quickly as possible.

Early June I was having soreness in my throat, and began to lose my voice. I visited my primary care physician, Dr. Teague, and she diagnosed me with laryngitis and pharyngitis. I seem to always gets sick with something when I'm on these meds, so I wasn't surprised that here I was again with some other illness. Dr. Teague prescribed me  hycodan, which was a cough syrup with codeine.

June 17 I returned to my primary care physicians and saw the PA because I couldn't get in to see the doctor. At this, not only do I have no voice, but my throat hurts so much that I stopped drinking and eating much because it was hard to swallow, I was fatigued and getting fevers put to 102 degrees, almost every day. The PA indicated that it was possible that I had an infection and she prescribed hydorcodone-acetaminophen  for pain and azithromycin 6-Pak for the infection.

On June 21, I woke up and could hardly breathe. My throat was so inflamed that air was not passing properly. Every day from the 17th to the 21st, my air passage seemed to get smaller and smaller, but this Saturday morning I was scared. I layer around all morning in hopes that it might get better.

My boyfriend, Rich, was at a seminar, and I didn't want to bother him and I was supposed to meet my friends Maria and Todd to help them look for a home. But I texted Maria and cancelled, as I was giving it a little bit more time before I took myself to urgent care. Unfortunately, things seemed to get worse. I was weasing so bad that I knew I wasn't getting enough air. Maria convinced me that she should drive me to urgent care, and in hindsight I am very happy she did.

I'm not used to having anyone help me with anything. I've been so self sufficient for so long that it feels like I am burdening others when I rely upon them, so I just simply don't ask for help and I handle things on my own. In this case, it was evident that I needed help.

Off we went to the urgent care. The quickly got me to see a doctor due to the difficulty breathing I was having, and the doctor immediately gave me a couple shots: a steroid to reduce the inflammation, and an antibiotic to take immediate action if there was a bacteria infections. He suspected that I might have epiglottitis.  Epiglottitis is a potentially life-threatening condition that occurs when the epiglottis, a small cartilage "lid" that covers your windpipe, swells, blocking the flow of air into your lungs.

Many things can cause the epiglottis to swell, including burns from hot liquids, injury to the throat, and various infections. Ultimately, this is a serious condition.

The doctor at urgent care insisted on me going to the emergency room to further investigate the cause. He wanted me to take an ambulance, but Maria was there so I preferred to go with her.

I arrive at the emergency room, and already the meds that urgent care had given me were beginning to work. I was breathing much better, but still was concerned what would happen when the steroid wore off. I definitely didn't want the swelling to return. 

The doctor order blood work and a CT scan of my throat. The blood work came back showing I was severely anemic with hemoglobin at 8.6. gm/dL. Normal for me is 11.7. I have never been this anemic, even when I was a walking zombie with severe active Crohn's. The doctor indicated that hemoglobin this low, after having normal levels during my May 9 doctors appointment, is usually due to bleeding. 

She even insisted on checking my stool for blood because she wasn't believe it could be just from my diet, or lack of eating since my throat began to hurt, or my Crohn's since I appear to be in remission. But no blood was there. 

The CT scan showed a clear passageway, which I suspected would be the case because I was breathing fine by the time of the CT scan. So, ultimately, the emergency room doctor didn't diagnose the cause, but did find that I was anemic. She put me on prednisone to keep my throat from swelling again, and iron supplements to improve my hemoglobin, and suggested that I go to an ear, nose and throat specialist to help determine the cause of swelling.

On Monday, that is what I did. Stay tuned...

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Upcoming Colonoscopy, My Liver and My Dog...

This might be a lengthy blog and half of which may not appear to relate to Crohn's, but does. Let's start by explaining a situation that began when I was first getting diagnosed with Crohn's, which was about 3 years ago. When my doc was trying to figure out what was wrong with me, I had a sonogram done of my organs and there were two spots on my liver, which likely had nothing to do with my Crohn's diagnosis, but gave them some concern.

The radiologist at the time suggested a CT scan to confirm what these spots might be. Well... I'm not one to expose my self of unnecessary radiation especially when at the time I was severely ill and these spots were believed to have nothing to do with my illness.

So I asked for alternatives. An MRI was also an option. Ultimately, there might be risk with me getting an MRI because I have metal in my body due to a leg break years ago, and no one could tell me whether or not an MRI would be risky. So I passed on the MRI and focused on my current illness, which I shortly thereafter found out was Crohn's.

Two weeks ago Friday is when I had a doctor's appointment due to my current flare up. At that time, I asked if we could do a follow up sonogram to check on these liver spots. They agreed it made sense to see if there had been any change or not.

This past Friday I had a follow up appointment and the results of the recent sonogram are in and there has been no change. Therefore, they are concluding that they are hemangiomas. Hemangiomas are a benign tumors of blood vessels that usually occur within the first weeks of life and are fully developed within twelve months. So that was great news! Yay.

Another discussion point of my follow up appointment was associated with having a colonoscopy. I recall three years ago after my diagnosis when I inquired about the frequency of colonoscopies, that Dr. Sigmon recommended having them every five years. So I was surprised and confused when he then suggested that I have one now, only 3 years later.

Evidently, he believes it would be wise to ensure that the way I have been managing the disease isn't causing long term repercussions. The five year colonoscopy recommendation was based upon someone staying in remission on meds, and with continued medical treatment and observation. He's concerned that it's possible that although I have been managing symptoms, that chronic inflammation could be causing repercussions. And since we haven't had regular tests associated with inflammation, it might be wise to see what has happened in the past three years to my colon.

If things look great, then it is the news I need to continue on my holistic path. If things have gotten worse, than I will likely begin changing my course a little. Meaning, I may decide to stick to my healing diet for life, or give up some other things in my post healing diet. It also will mean that I'll get blood work done at least once every 3 months to monitor my inflammation. So I agreed to do the colonoscopy in order for me to know what to do in the future to reduce my risk of colon cancer and to  keep my colon as good as it can be.

I decided until that time, I would go back on my "Healing Diet." I want my colon to be in the best state possible for this colonoscopy. Therefore, no cheating, no drinking, no grains. Only alkaline forming fruits and veggies. Veggies have to be juiced or steamed. I started this on Friday immediately after agreeing to the colonoscopy. I have until mid-July to get the healthiest colon possible :)

Now... what does my dog have to do with my Crohn's. Well, see the poster below:

Rich and I went to his brothers home in Greenville on Sunday and didn't return until about midnight. Zadie, was gone. Zadie can fit through the pickets of the fence that was originally designed to confine her. One day a couple months ago, she got so excited to see me driving up to the garage, she just walked right through the pickets to greet me.

I bought some bird netting and attached it to the bottom of the fence at the gate, but I didn't do so for the entire fenced yard. She likes being home and I didn't think that she would just leave, so I decided I would test the netting at the gate. Well, after some successful tests, I decided I didn't need the netting around the entire perimeter of the fence.

To arrive home Sunday night and her nowhere in sight was devastating. I fell apart blaming myself and fearful that she was hit by a car or something bad happened. Rich and I spent about two hours searching for her in the neighborhood and those surrounding. I hated to do this, but new that if I couldn't find her dead in or by any street, then maybe there was a chance of her still being alive.

A little over a year ago, I lost my little 14 year old dog Rusty, and blame myself for his death. I believe he died of a heart attack, but I knowingly left him with a friend during a time where there was a lot of chaos. My gut told me that I should take Rusty with me, instead of leaving him there at the time. So I can't help but feel guilty about his death.

Now, my new little baby girl is gone and my gut feeling before we left for Greenville Sunday morning was to take her with us. She had never been left home for that long. Between what my gut was telling me that morning, and the fact I hadn't secured the entire fenced yard with bird netting, I again know that it was my fault why she was gone.

We drove every street calling her name. Checked the community pool, and walked the conservation area boardwalk. Pointing the flashlight everywhere as we called her name, and there was no Zadie. I cannot tell you how bad I was feeling. The stress of the guilt that this little baby girl might be dead somewhere because of me.

I made the poster above. Printed 20 copies on a thick photo paper I had in preparation of posting them throughout the neighborhood the next day. I had business cards that Rich made notes on about Zadie so we could also hand them out throughout the community.

Before going to sleep around 2:30 a.m., I opened both gates to the back yard and put one of her toys at the front porch in hopes that if she was still alive, she would return home. Inside the home, I had a gate at the stairs so that when we were in Greenville, she wouldn't hang out upstairs. But I removed that praying that she was alive, and when she returned home she would come upstairs and find me.

About 3 a.m. I still hadn't fallen a sleep. I had a headache so terrible, and I couldn't stop crying, I thought I was dreaming when I heard some pitter patter coming from down stairs. The next thing I know, I was certain I heard her little feed in the room. I immediately jumped out of bed and thank God. She was there.

She was a little dirty and panting as if she was very stressed or very tired from running.

On Monday, Rich and I proceeded to attach the balance of the bird netting on the fence so that we can ensure this doesn't happen again.

I still wonder where she was and why she didn't hear us calling her over and over. Where could she have been that she couldn't hear us? I'm so proud of her to have found her way home and am grateful of the outcome.

Now, what does this have to do with Crohn's? The stress of the situation, added to a lack of sleep between Saturday and Sunday nights, set me back a little. It was very evident based upon the frequency and consistency of my bowel movements that I had gotten worse. Yet, I was on my healing diet since Friday, so why was my Crohn's the balance of Sunday night as well as through Monday worse? The only thing I can think of is the amount of nerve energy used by the stress.

It didn't help that I couldn't sleep Saturday night due to muscle aches and pains that are unfortunately a common side effect I have since my Crohn's diagnosis.

My lesson learned: stress management has soooo much to do with your health.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Meds Again

My last post was about water fasting to avoid a flare and you haven't heard from me since. That is because, unfortunately, I didn't avoid the flare up like I had hoped and I have felt so bad, I haven't had the energy to post. Sorry.

I began to feel a little better after the water fast, but then things went back down hill. I transitioned after two days of water, to a juice diet for four days. Then I implemented my healing diet.

Things began to get a little better, but all the symptoms still remained through last week and I found myself only working about 4 hours per day and needing at least 14 hours sleep and a nap each day.

Unfortunately, I decided to go back on meds. It has been almost 2 years in which I management my Crohn's without meds, so I'm so disappointed. Yet, I have to consider it a success as how many people do you know that can manage Crohn's or US without meds for 2 years?

I intend to get into remission and then wean off the meds and try again. Hopefully I can go the rest of my life off meds this next time.

I'm on budesonide and mesalamine, which are the meds prescribed for Crohn's that have the least amount of side effects. Only two days on the meds and I already feel an improvement. I've made it 12 hours without a nap. That has't occurred in two weeks.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Water Fasting for a Couple of Days

So I've been so fatigued the last few days and my gut is acting up. My bowel movements are not normal and I'm concerned that I might be heading toward a flare up. I'm taking a couple days off, or I should rather say that I'm working part time from home for the next two days so I can sleep excessively between some conference calls and work, and I'm going to water fast. 

Two days of a water fast usually makes a huge improvement. Fasting gives the digestive tract time to completely rest and it should strengthen its mucosal lining. A healthy lining means my Crohn's symptoms will go away. It's also necessary for preventing leakage of undigested proteins and toxins into the bloodstream.

Keep in mind that a fast is not a cure for anything, but it's an opportunity for the body to rest so it can do what it does best, which is to heal, cleanse and restore itself. The difference is during a fast, all of the body's resources are working on healing, instead of digesting and waste removal. And specifically for Crohn's and colitis, it eliminates any causes of GI tract inflammation, which also assists in healing.

I usually go from a water fast to a juice fast. You detox and heal more quickly with a water fast than a juice fast, so when I'm fasting because I think I'm about to flare, I'll start with a water fast. But if I'm fasting just as preventive maintenance and for cleansing, I'll stick with water. 

Because with a water fast, your digestive system and organs are able to completely rest, all of your energy is used for cleansing and healing. With a juice fast, your body has to use energy to digest and assimilate the nutrients, leaving less energy for detoxing and healing. 

I've noted before that being on a water fast for more than three days should be done only under a doctor's supervision. Minerals and salt are needed for the body's organs to function and being on water alone means that your body has to provide these things by using what it has in reserves. If you don't have much reserved, then you may be doing damage to your body. 

So this time, I think 2 days will be sufficient and then I'll go to juice until everything is back to normal.

Oh well...I guess this just is part of living a Crohn's life :)

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Crohn's and Colitis Awareness

I saw a statistic on a Crohn's and Colitis Awareness Facebook site and decided to create a graphic.

Please share it as you wish!