Sunday, September 14, 2014

Great News Confirmed

I had my sedimentation rate re-checked and a week after my sed rate was at 17, it's now even lower at 9. Ultimately, I really do consider this a miracle. Normal is 0-20 and with a 9, I am clearly well into the normal range.

I have never had a normal reading, and for it to go from 65 to 9 in 2 weeks is unheard of. The voicemail from the nurse at Dr. Sigmon's office left the following message for me:

"Hi Ms. Lynch, this is Amanda calling from the medical center at Pineville. I was just calling to give you information about your sed rate. It was actually 9 as of yesterday. Not really sure what you're doing to make this go down and correct itself, but that's pretty normal there.

"I know that's pretty dramatic. So, I don't have an answer for you as to why that is. Tanya, I asked her about that as well and she agreed you must be doing something differently to have that kind of affect. So any way, that's good news. That means that was an actual result you got on your Primary Care Physician visit. So if you have any problems or any questions, just give us a call back..."


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