Monday, September 1, 2014

Recent Doctor's Visit

First I want to apologize. I changed Internet service providers and my blog has been offline for a week now. Fortunately, everything is back and working. My email was down for a week as well. But as of Saturday, everything was back online.

Now regarding my doctor's visit on Tuesday, there were some mixed results. Here's the good news: I am no longer anemic. My hemoglobin was up to 11.5. This is an amazing improvement from 8.5 less than 2 months ago. Yay!

Now for the bad news: my sedimentation rate was still at 65. A normal sedimentation rate is 0-20 for a female. So the only hope is that when I had my sed rate taken 2 months ago when I was severely anemic, that the 65 rate was primarily due to my colon inflammation, and now, that the 65 rate is only about 45 from my colon and 20 from normal life. But to be certain there is improvement I am getting blood work repeated in 6 weeks.

I feel great, so I hope that there has been improvement in my colon, but as Dr. Sigmon says, clinical evidence of disease, and endoscopic evidence, doesn't correlate. Ultimately, I am planning on sticking to my whole food plant based diet of easily digested foods, using my rife machine to rid myself of bad colon bacteria and micro-organisms, and continuing to use my inversion table and get regular chiropractic adjustments to optimize my nerve energy. Hopefully this three fold approach will get improved results when I return back for tests in October.

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