Monday, August 18, 2014

Spooky2 Rife Frequency for Crohn's


This won't make much sense at all unless you have Crohn's and own a Spooky2 machine for the Rife frequency therapy. Here's what I'm doing. I have a booster that I use only when I'm not using the Spike+Sync or Inverse+Sync Waveform on the 2nd output with a spike setting of 1 with 20 spikes. I will rotate between one of these settings or the use of the booster cable.

When using the booster cable, I use the Square Damped Waveform on both channels, with a randomized 4 Hz Gate. The 4Hz Gate will only be applied to the first output. 

When using the Spike+Sync or Inverse+Sync Waveform settings, you have to use the 2nd cable attached to output 2 instead of the booster cable, and only attach the red alligator clips of each cable to the elecrodes.

I've set up two custom frequency sets with a 180 dwell:

Set 1:  75, 254, 388.6, 484, 543.6, 610, 644, 660, 688, 690, 709.2, 727.5, 777, 777.2, 790, 864, 986, 1087.2, 1554.5, 2174.3, 2688, 2838.5, 2900, 3109, 4348.6, 6217.9

Set 2:  14, 20, 60, 95, 100, 110, 333, 428, 440, 600, 625, 650, 680, 768, 776, 786, 787, 802, 810, 832, 880, 1550, 2000, 3000, 10000

The sets take 75-78 minutes to complete. If you don't have that much time, then change the Dwell Multiplier to .5 to cut the time in half, .33 to cut it to a third, etc.

Ideally you complete each set for the entire 75 minutes twice a week at least 3 days apart for 3 weeks.  From everything I am reading, this is the recommendation for all frequency treatments for Crohn's and any other common diseases. Cancer seems to require some different things. 

For general health, use the following set: 120, 660, 690, 712, 728, 740, 776, 800, 803, 880, 1840, 1998. 

If you're doing this in addition to your Crohn's frequency sets, then you can delete 660, 690, 728, 776, and 880. This set should include all of the above settings, which means the set will take  36 minutes. If you create a set that eliminates the Crohn's frequency duplicates, the therapy session will only take 21 minutes. 

I'm on my second week of this therapy. I have tested 757, 688 and 690, using the Pulse accessory and have found that the Spooky2 killed these three microorganisms. I haven't tested all of the frequencies as testing with the Pulse requires a very still, quite area, and it takes quite some time. Treatment doesn't require these conditions, so I have found it easier to go through the therapy than to test for what microorganisms I have that's affecting my Crohn's. 

I do plan on testing all frequencies after the three weeks of therapy to ensure I am free of these harmful bacteria, parasites and viruses.

There are other microorganisms that can affect the colon negatively, so I will plan to treat for them following this three week of therapy.

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