Monday, September 8, 2014

Unbelievable Good News

As you may recall, on July 15 I had a colonoscopy and the conversation between my gastroenterologist and my boyfriend discusses how inflamed my colon was, " is really really inflamed in there.

I went back on meds and began my healing diet immediately. I had follow up blood work done on August 24 the sedimentation rate was 65. This is actually 1 point higher than the sed rate when I went in to see him in June because I was feeling symptoms and knew I needed meds again.

This was very disappointing, but miraculously, I had more blood work done when I went in for my annual on the 29th of August. I realize it was only 5 days later, but asked if they could check my sed rate since they were taking blood for all of the other normal indicators they look at during your physical.

My sedimentation rate on the 29th was 17. What??? 

How can go from 65 to 17 in 5 days? The only things I have been doing differently is using my Spooky2 Rife machine and drinking a glass of red wine a few days a week. Is it possible for this type of improvement to occur in less than a week? Maybe the prior test was wrong, or maybe this test is wrong. 

In any regard, I have emailed Dr. Sigmon to ask his opinion. I find it hard to believe that either test is wrong because of how labs make sure to ask your name and date of birth, then they put labels with your information on the test tubes that contain the blood. 

A sedimentation rate of 17 is normal. I am hopeful that this is an accurate test. If so, this means I'm in remission. How cool would that be? I'm sooooo happy to see this result, yet, a little concerned because it happened so quickly, and I've always been told that there is a lag time for your sed rate to respond after inflammation is gone.

So I think that based upon the way I feel, my inflammation was back to normal on the 24th, and it lagged in the sed rate results. I began using the Spooky2 the 2nd week of August, and by the 29th, I have normal internal inflammation.

I also added a glass of red wine in the evenings about 5 days a week because the resveratrol in the skin of red grapes is known to reduce colon polyps, and resveratrol in red wine is in concentrated levels. I added that to my routine on August 25th. I find it hard to believe that the wine could have made an impact that quickly.

The only two other times I've had flare ups, I went on the same meds that I'm on now and it took months to get my sed rate down, and even then, I have never gotten it lower than 36 since I've been diagnosed with Crohn's almost 3 years ago. And now it changes in days???

This is quite amazing and gives me much hope that I might have found a tool that will help me manage my Crohn's without meds. I'm anxious to hear from Dr. Sigmon and for another test to make sure that this was correct.

Soooo excited!!

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