Tuesday, September 2, 2014

I Need Your Help. Is this just a Coincidence?

I need your help with this one. As you might be aware, I acquired a Rife Machine (Spooky2 version) and have been using it to treat my Crohn's as well as my cold sores. I'll briefly explain how it works. It is often referred to as Frequency Therapy.

Everything is made up of energy, and no two types of molecules have the same electromagnetic oscillations, or energy signatures. By creating a frequency that resonates intensely (resonant frequency) with the molecules of a virus, bacteria or parasite, it would increase the molecule's oscillations until it distorted and disintegrated from structural stresses.

Dr. Royal Rife called this frequency "the mortal oscillatory rate" or "MOR", and it did no harm whatsoever to the surrounding tissues, since their energy signature was unique and different. This principle is illustrated when an opera singer can sing a high pitched noted and shatter a wine glass.

So with that said, it is very ironic that less than 2 months of using my Spooky2, a new franchise opportunity has become available to Chiropractors using resonant frequency technology. I'm 50 years old and have never heard of this until recently and it has been around since I was a child. Now, not only am I using resonant frequency technology to treat my Crohn's, but Rich is presented with a franchise opportunity to implement into his business using resonant frequency technology to help people lose weight.

How this weight loss program works is they use the resonant frequency technology to analyse the 400 million communications that occur per second in the body to assess the current internal health fingerprint, and with that knowledge can then assess what needs to change in order to bring the body into an optimal state of fat burning and health.

Now, if that is not coincidental enough, I have something kind of spooky to share with you that occurred this past Friday night. I use the word "spooky" because on Labor day, Rich and I were at some friends explaining what occurred Friday night, and the word chosen by our friend's mother to describe this event was "spooky."

So Friday night Rich and I were in Greenville, South Carolina visiting his brother and girlfriend. We were having a glass of wine discussing this new franchise opportunity with them. As I explained the Rife resonant frequency technology, and how it related to the new franchise opportunity, I used the example of how a high pitch note can shatter glass. No less than 2 minutes later, the wine glass I was holding shattered in my hand.

I am not joking with you. I wasn't holding the glass tight, nor was there a high pitched note or anything that occurred that we can use to explain why this glass shattered. It seemed that there must have been a weakness in the glass given to me and I held it just the right way for it to shatter. The glass I was given, and they way I was holding the glass, had to be exactly in alignment to shatter, as this was not the first time this glass had been used.

Now isn't that a little spooky?

In summary, we've had three strange coincidences associated with this technology:

  1. The new franchise uses the same technology that my Spooky2 uses, and I just have learned about this technology less than 3 months ago.
  2. The glass shattered in my glass hand minutes after I used the glass shattering example to explain the resonant frequency technology.
  3. Our friend's mother used the word "spooky" to describe the experience when she had no idea that my Rife machine model is the Spooky2.
Now, Rich and I have been discussing opening up a company called Whole Body Health and Wellness.  The company's mission is to assist people in living a long, healthy, active life, and we would take a three fold approach to wellness: optimize nervous system function, mobility and movement, and body composition.

Nervous System Function:  We have decided upon using a specific posture analysis tool and a sublimation station to assess nervous system function. Through a posture certification course we will learned how to provide an exercise and stretching to improve any nervous system interference in order to maximize nerve energy to the body.

Mobility and Movement: We are going to become certified as Functional Movement System consultants in October to assess any limiting factors associated with movement and mobility and to develop programs to improve these limiting factors.

Body Composition: We have been undecided as to what program(s) we are going to support to address over weight and body mass issues. We are attending a seminar in October for the new franchise opportunity using resonant frequency technology and have been contemplating purchasing the franchise rights to use this system for our body composition solution. 

My gut feeling is that all of these coincidences is God's way of telling us we need to pursue this. We';re going to be smart about it, of course, but wouldn't you agree that these are too many coincidences?

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