Saturday, May 10, 2014

Meds Again

My last post was about water fasting to avoid a flare and you haven't heard from me since. That is because, unfortunately, I didn't avoid the flare up like I had hoped and I have felt so bad, I haven't had the energy to post. Sorry.

I began to feel a little better after the water fast, but then things went back down hill. I transitioned after two days of water, to a juice diet for four days. Then I implemented my healing diet.

Things began to get a little better, but all the symptoms still remained through last week and I found myself only working about 4 hours per day and needing at least 14 hours sleep and a nap each day.

Unfortunately, I decided to go back on meds. It has been almost 2 years in which I management my Crohn's without meds, so I'm so disappointed. Yet, I have to consider it a success as how many people do you know that can manage Crohn's or US without meds for 2 years?

I intend to get into remission and then wean off the meds and try again. Hopefully I can go the rest of my life off meds this next time.

I'm on budesonide and mesalamine, which are the meds prescribed for Crohn's that have the least amount of side effects. Only two days on the meds and I already feel an improvement. I've made it 12 hours without a nap. That has't occurred in two weeks.

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