Thursday, September 13, 2012

It's Been A While...

It seems forever since I last blogged. I guess that's good new actually. I have been flare up free since March. Woooo whoooo. I have had some gut discomforts, but small issues that prompt me to juice for a day or two and then the gut feels fine again.

On August 25 I had my annual physical and all my blood work except my hemoglobin was normal. My hemoglobin was 10.8, which is .1 lower than it was a couple of months ago. Basically it's stabilized, but I'm still borderline anemic. I haven't gone to my gastroenterologist lately simply because there hasn't been a need to go, thank goodness. But ultimately, I need to juice with more greens and eat more salad to help improve my hemoglobin.

I also went on a road trip to Key West since I've last blogged. Rode my motorcycle the entire way. The trip took over a week. I typiclly had fruit for breakfast and lunch and then ate at a restaurant for dinner. Dinners were usually some type of mixed vegetables and/or a salad. I may have actually raised my hemoglobin during this trip with as many veggies i ate. I did have some sauces and dressings but in moderation. By the end of the trip my gut definitely was inflamed, but not to the extent of a flare up or even significant symptoms. Again, I went to juicing a couple of days and now I'm back to normal.

When I juice to correct any gut discomfort I usually juice with apple and carrot juice and watermelon juice only. Apples and carrots have pectin which is only digested in the colon. It is healing to the colon.  Watermelon is highly alkaline forming which helps stabilize the acid in an incflamed colon.

I've now been off meds since May and am doing well. I've expanded my diet to include some grains and nuts too. I'll write more soon on the expanded diet but just wanted to write an update since it has been so long. Hope everyone reading this is doing as well as I. God bless.

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