Friday, January 1, 2016


It's been forever since I've posted anything and wanted to get back into updating you all on the things I have learned that has kept me off of medication for over a year. My diagnostics still indicate that I have normal internal inflammation. So I guess I must be managing my Crohn's pretty well.

My favorite thing that I've recently gotten into is brewing my own kombucha. I began drinking kombucha probably a year ago, but ended up drinking about 32 oz a day and decided it would be much more affordable if I brewed it myself. I am certain it is contributing to my good health.

What is kombucha you ask? It's green tea that is fermented with a culture of the gut's native good bacteria and yeast. The result is a sparkling tea, that's a probiotic drink. Better yet, it tastes great. Go get some Synergy kombucha and give it a try. If you're new to kombucha, you may want to only drink about 4 oz the first day. See if your gut handles it well. And if so, go to 8 oz the next day and 16 oz the following day.

There really isn't a need to have 32 oz a day, but I like it so much, I want that much. Realistically, it's probably not helpful to drink much more than 8 oz. I've read somewhere that 4 oz a day is considered a therapeutic dose.

I'll share more about kombucha brewing in a future post. Whether you have Crohn's, ulcerative colitis, or just poor health, the benefits of kombucha may help. It is known to help with detoxification, inflammation, and arthritis pain.  It aids digestion and gut health, which improves your immune system health. All of these benefits help with proper assimilation of nutrients, as well.

I'll have much more on kombucha in the future. If you're interested in brewing your own, I have scobys and starter tea if you're near Charlotte, NC.

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